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The Sussex is a very old English breed, which originated in the County of Sussex more than a century ago. The Sussex fowl was exhibited in the 1840's and the first recorded colour was the spangled or speckled.

The Speckled Sussex was very well known in England and indeed was prized as a table fowl.  It was primarily bred for market purposes, with the County of Sussex being famed for its production of table fowls.

Surely continuing to be one of Britain's most popular breed,  with most people recognising the distinctive plumage of the Light Sussex which has been used prominently in the development of sex-linked hybrids for commercial laying flocks.  Sussex fowls featured in the first poultry show in 1845 and continue to be one of the oldest breeds existing today in reasonable numbers.

We have found the Sussex to be a very quiet bird,  they are alert, attractive and love to wonder and forage.  Sussex do go broody and make good mothers, although their size can sometimes cause problems if they attempt to sit on too many eggs.  They are a very good dual purpose bird, and can be beautiful exhibition birds as well.

The ideal Speckled is a beautiful fowl, with its ground colour of rich dark mahogany feathers being mainly tipped with white and separated by a narrow black bar.

The chicks come in a variety of different colours, from a creamy buff to a dark brown, many with varying coloured stripes running lengthwise on their back.  As the chicks begin to feather up,  they do not actually look like they will as adults with many having a lot more white on them to start, darkening as they grow and mature and slowly loosing a lot of their white feathering.   Young pullets will tend to feather up quicker, have more patterned feathering around the 8 weeks of age and the males will begin to develop sickle feathers and larger combs.

In Australia the Sussex is recognised in a variety of colours including, Speckled, Red, Light, Buff, Brown, Coronation, White and Silver. It is well suited to being a a table fowl with the cocks weighing approximately 4 kg, and the hens should weigh
approximately 3kgs.

There are some bantam Sussex, which has been around since the early 1920ís. With lights first and later the speckled. Although these are more difficult to find in Australia today.


Some of the More 'Beautiful' Ones!

Speckled Sussex Rooster

Speckled Sussex Hen

Speckled Sussex Pullets



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