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Whilst there has been a great deal of interest in Australia for the Araucana,  not much is commonly known about this unusual breed.  The thing that sets the Araucana apart from most other breeds of poultry is the fact that it lays Blue eggs!  The Araucana is the only breed that naturally lays these uniquely coloured eggs. 

We have found that depending on the colour of the bird, you will get varying colours in the egg shell.  From a beautiful sky blue from the lavender variety to green from the black Araucana & olive green from the partridge.  And no,  do not fear,  the yolks are not green!  They are still yellow the same as any other chicken.

The original Araucana comes from South America around Peru, Chile & Bolivia. They were rumpless (did not even have the parsons nose!) & tufted.  The ear tuft's were also amazing in that they sometimes would grow rearwards & form a ring around the birds head.  The Araucana we now have, commonly has muffs, crests & tufts.  In Australia the Araucana is not rumpless, however does have the tufts, crests and muffs. 

The Araucana we have today is notably also known as the "Easter Egg Chicken" due to the fact that they have lost a lot of the features of the original breed except the egg colouring and ear tufts.  Our experience has shown that some will be broody with very good mothering abilities,  whilst others are not at all interested.

They are very good layers and will normally be one of the first to begin laying in the new season after moulting & are very hardy and fertile.

The British standards recognise the following colours:  Black, Blue, Lavender, White, Black/Red, Pile, Silver & Gold Duckwing.  The Araucana also requires that it has no wattles and has a pea comb.  It is believed that there is a direct link between the pea comb and the blue egg laying ability.

The Standard calls for a compact crest, thick muffling & ear tufts on a small head, with the complete absence of wattles.  The legs should be strong, set well apart & be free from feathering,
whilst being a willow to olive or slate colour.





Some of Our More Unusual Ones!

Black Bantam Araucana Pullet
6mths Old

Splash pullet
6mths old

Bantam Lavender Araucana

Blue Bantam Araucana Pullet


Large Partridge Araucana Cockeral


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