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These would have to be one of my all time favourites.   I find them a very beautiful bird, jet black background with a beetle green sheen (including the hens),  and beautiful crisp white tipping in a 'V' shape on their feathers.  From the moment I first saw one it looked to me as though they were lightly dusted with snowflakes.

We have found the Ancona to be a wonderful bird,  with generally a quite disposition. We even have them following us around looking for that next treat or hoping that we are going to dig up some dirt for them to scratch around in!   However,  if you do not give them the time when they are young, treat them gently & quietly,  they can be as flighty as most Mediterranean breeds.

The original Ancona is named after the Italian province from which the breed came.  It is an old breed & can be dated back to at least the seventeenth century.  They come in both Large, Bantam and can have either a straight comb or rose comb.

The Ancona has continued to be very popular even today, being known as a hardy breed, that loves to forage under free range conditions and due to it being quite economical on the feed, the Ancona has also been known to adapt very well to intensive conditions.

 The Ancona is not a breed that will normally go broody, and therefore, will continue to lay very good size white eggs throughout the year.

The Standard calls for a red face, free of feathers, white lobes, leg colouring should be yellow with black mottling.  Each feather should have a white 'V' shape tip and should have a background colouring of black with beetle green sheen.

Some of The Beautiful Ones!

Baby Ancona chick - two weeks old


Ancona cockerel
9mths old - really starting to develop his large comb & wattles that is one of the Ancona's distinct features.


An Ancona Hen.


   Please note: Wilkamdai Stud is no longer breeding the Ancona.  For those interested in this breed, please contact the Secretary of the Ancona Club - Adrian Saines on 02 63821083.                     
    You can email us at:   Wilkamdai Poultry
or alternatively Telephone: 03 53 340 588     Mobile: 0409 190 776

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